Seoul Bike Route: Han river-Jungangcheon- Uicheon and back distance 25 KM

Part 1 Jungangchon North to Seokgye Station area

Quality of the cycle path:

The surface is sweet which makes up for some of its defeciencies in atmosphere; Width: adequate; fits three at a squeeze occasionally compromising safety;
Access: multiple ramps but road mentioned below makes life a little inconvenient.
Other riders: busy on weekends.
Air quality and noise pollution barely adequate: worse at rush hours.
Physical environment is adequate: apart from being flanked by filthy great highway; trees but some areas have flowers lining the way.
Resources: frequent toilets /water and air is also now available
Loop: Not as far as I know but the Southern end joins the Han and Cheongye and the Northern end is a long way North near Uijeongbu so it's possible to access other areas from this cycle path.
Other: After dark you feel a bit suffocated by the adjacent freeways.

Looking North on Jungangchon

Looking South on Jungangchon

If you ride North from the Han river and then exit on this funky bridge on the West side of the stream you can then link up with a new stream cycle path development.

Directions from Jungangchon to new cyclepath Hancheon: Turn right after exiting funky bridge and ride along smooth road for about 1 KM. You should pass a school and then a sports centre(Approx 5 storey building) on the left. The road will bend to the left and you will reach an intersection. Go straight through the intersection avoiding the hard left turn into apartments or following the way the road bends to the right. Go straight via the underpass under the railway line and take the next right. Cross the intersection and look for this sign near Seokgye station exit 1.

15-20 m on and you need to take a left at this sign which says Seokgye Yeok Han Gil

Ride a couple of hundred meters and the stream should become apparent on the left side of the road and about 50 m beyond this point there is an access point down to a nice new cycle path on the right hand side of the stream:

Part 2 Hancheon Northwest to Dobong No or Dobong Road
Distance 5Km

Quality of the cycle path:
The surface is sweet: consistently smooth.
Width adequate; there is enough room generally; motor vehicles absent.
Access: Multiple ramps
Other riders: seemed pretty quiet to me (not sure about weekends)
Air quality and noise pollution are sweet: The stream is pleasant and peaceful Physical environment is better than adequate: it's new and well maintained as you can see in the photos: there are some trees and places relax.
Resources: didn't see many toilets facilities
Loop: The path gets ugly around Dobong No- though if you head East a couple of blocks on HUGE roads turning right towards Changdong station roads you can reconnect with the Jungangchon and make a loop.

Other: Good for beginners but until they link this up it's just a nice short section. The further NWest you go the lower the bridges get until you have to duck

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