Taking bikes on the subway in Seoul

You can now get on the subway with your bike . The lines are 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Two carriages at each end are open to cyclists on Sundays and national holidays. The stations in the table are equipped with a 'slope' for bikes.

자전거 휴대승차 시범시행 안내

자전거 이용 활성화를 위하여 일요일 및 공휴일에 한하여 지하철에 자전거 휴대승차를 아래와 같이 시범 시행합니다.

시 행 일 : 2009. 10. 4(일)
대 상 역 : 서울지하철(1~8호선)
승차가능일 : 일요일 및 공휴일(전일)
차 량 위 치 : 전동차 맨 앞/뒷 칸
경사로 설치 39역 (지하철 1~8호선)

호선역 명호선역 명
Stations and Subway Lines(1-8) with slopes for bikes

1호선: 시청, 종로3가, 동대문
City Hall, Jongno 3 ga, Dongdaemun

2호선: 을지로입구, 한양대, 강변, 건대입구, 성내, 교대, 신천, 당산 Euljiro entrance, Hanyang Uni, Gangbyeon, Konkuk Uni, Seongnae, Sinchon, Dangsan

3호선구파발, 경복궁, 옥수, 압구정, 매봉, 수서
Gupabal, Gyeongbukgong Oksu, Abgujeong, Maebong, Suseo.

4호선노원, 한성대, 동작, 사당
Nowon, Hansung Uni, Dongjak, Sadang

5호선: 여의도, 오목교, 광화문, 광나루, 올림픽공원
Yeouido, Omokgyo, Gwanghwamun, Olympic Park

6호선: 월드컵경기장, 새절, 고려대, 석계, 화랑대
World Cup Stadium, Saechol, Korea Uni, Hwarangdae

7호선: 노원, 중화, 뚝섬유원지, 내방, 온수
Nowon, Junghwa, Ttukseom Resort/Park, Naebang, Onsu

8호선: 몽촌토성, 석촌, 송파
Mongcheontoseong, Sokcheon, Songpa

Photo is from The Korea Times:


  1. Might give it a try next Sunday. Prolly get the train at Dongdaemun and get off at Dangsan on line 2. That way I can ride down the Anyangcheon cyclepath

  2. In general, folding bikes are allowed on weekdays, Sundays and holidays and not allowed during rush hour and on Saturdays on Seoul subway.
    Normal bikes are only allowed on Sundays.
    From Kwon Mee Yoo

  3. I wonder why they stopped plans to open it up on Saturdays in 2010 and then every day in 2012. A call to the subway revealed that it's still Sundays only, though a 2009 Korea Times story about the Sunday opening mentioned the Satuday and weekday plans above. Too bad. It'd be a nice way to get around sometimes.

  4. Yeah I like the idea of taking the bike out on the new Sangbong -Chuncheon line to get out of the city. Waiting for good weather to come on a Sunday this summer has been like trying to find tryin' to find a needle in the hay.