Seoul Cycle Race: Halloween Alleycat

The Alleycat race took place last night. Amazing to weave through the Saturday night with a bunch of fast committed riders. Drafting the eventual winner Aviam out of Apgujeong to the Banpo bridge was a highlight. I lost the small group of five who'd escaped the Apgujeong chaos first under the bridge...I placed thirteenth. Got lost near Cheongyecheon and took a false right turn before the tunnel on the way to Yonsei Uni, but always managed to hook up with other riders. Awesome night.
There is a youtube slideshow available with some nice photos from the night here.

I liked the tips so much I stole 'em:
안전 수칙:
1.헬멧을 착용해야함
2.라이트를 많이 달수록 좋음
3.횡단보도의 보행자를 조심해야함
4.버스와 택시에서 내리는 사람을 주의해야함
5. 교통신호와 법규를 준수

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