Tour de France 2012

Kicks off Saturday with the prologue but then it'll be time for the real action in stage 2 with a nice uphill sprint to finish

There's always a few stories about movie projectors at universities...

Best borrowed projector story I've heard for a while is this one:

 The Tour de France is on at a beautiful time here in Korea. Not a beautiful time of the year i.e. rainy season, but time of the day. Starts after dinner and finishes just after midnight. You can usually therefore catch quite a bit of each stage. It is horribly humid for a while and the rain can be torrential.
To avoid the weather, and still get a work out my office-mate took his bike into the office ( to benefit from the air conditioning),  and set it up on one of those trainers that you can ride your real bike on. He borrowed the projector from the audio and video unit and projected the previous night's stage from Le Tour onto the wall while he rode along with the peloton.

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