What is the best way to carry a child on a bike?

This is definitely the best bike seat I've seen. Compare it with the flimsy basket on the bike in the background. Is it safer to carry kids in big seats like this or on your back on a bike? A long walk to green blog suggests a whole new bike: either a trade vehicle or a recliner with the baby on your chest.
  • Helmets

  • Toddlers who want to sleep while they are being cycled

  • Babies who want to recline

  • Warmth

Nice bike seat photo from the Auckland NZ Frocks day out event

I Like the handles and helmet. Very snug. For more details on the event check the Auckland cycle chic site. The long walk blog likes this bike with this set up: Read more about it here.
Other options:
Japanese Mamachari
  • Stylish folding bike with additional seat for a child.

  • This article explains the challenge of carrying a newborn baby on a bike and makes some recommendations.


  1. Looks like the newborn problem is hard to crack.

  2. Yeah without a large financial investment in a unique bike I can't see a 100% perfect way. On the back in a the appropriate sling for short distances perhaps- otherwise perhaps you'll have to wait until you feel safe with a toddler in a seat?