Cycling to school in Seoul

Cycle Seoul bike and rider of the day 23.9.09. She told me she rides 20 mins from near the Cheongyecheon to school. That's longer than my commute and through more traffic I bet. Nice one.


  1. Hello, David. =)
    I'm Jungwon Lee taken this photo.
    (You can call me Elizabeth. It's my English name.)

    I visited your blog to see my photo. =)
    When you asked me to be taken photo, I was so shy. Because my clothes and appearance were very not beautiful, as you see.
    And my English speaking was also poor. =(

    Anyway, it's very interesting to see my photo on foriegner's blog. hahaha
    Thank you B)

    Good to meet you by chance there!
    I hope we meet again in our campus. :>

    p.s: Your blog is very brilliant!
    Your postings are good tips for me to ride cycle in Seoul!

  2. Hi Jungwon,
    Glad you like the blog. Who is beautiful at 9 A.M anyway? Keep pedaling.