The Hydrator: Wellington bike of the day

Ricky reports on the features of the Hydrator that make it the Cycle Seoul bike of the day 18.9.09:
*3 water carriers on the frame, and two on either side of the front carrier rack!!
*Tires- this bike should be on the streets of Sudan rather than Wellington.
*Rugged front and back pannier racks have seen some wear.
*Non-descript white frame. Definitely suits an upright position. Unsure about the front forks, they look kind of thin and square at the top, but certainly add to the unique overall style. Also, hard to see from the angle, but the handle bars have an interesting curve to them. And what about that lovely curvaceous leather this the touring bike of the year?

Ricky check out this rugged touring bike: The 2009 Koga-Miyata World Traveller.

Not so many bottle cages though


  1. Is that some kind of blue insignia on the frame? Southern cross indicates they come from Western SamoaScotland.
    5 Litres of water: this rider is the salivator and this bicycle is the hydrator

  2. I need to re-check that bike because from the photo, and I can hardly believe it if it's true, it looks as though it may be a single speed??!
    That might account for the intense need for so much hydration...

    But the real question of course, is what bike will David have for the great southern tour?

  3. I passed the bike today and it has been stripped of its front and back panniers! And the gearing system is one of wonder. The right handle bar has a rotational gear shifter, with up to 7 gears. Yet, it has a single front and rear chainwheel, although the rear 'freewheel'? has some black mechanism - could it be some kind of electronic gearing set up? Confusion.
    And I wonder what the owner looks like?

  4. What the hell is this thing?

    Maybe this person sweats out so much water going home up the Ngauranga gorge with only seven speeds that they need all those bike cages?

    The more you look the more you discover.

    Look at that silver part where it seems like you can take apart the frame?

    So our profile is that some cycle tourist has found a job or reason to stay in the city and to convert their touring bike into an urban commuting bike!?

  5. Just needs a rain cover

  6. Passed the bike again today and it is back in touring mode - panniers, drink cages all set to go. Also took a closer look at the gearing on the right handle-bar - it has 14 gears!! Crazy. Awesome.

  7. Ricky you've got to get some more photos of the details and post them up on the Wellington Bicycles site so we can submit this king of urban touring to a more thorough analysis.

  8. Just seen this one. Its a Thorn Raven Nomad. My dream bike. See