Guri cyclepath to the Han

So about a month ago I rode 8km East on large roads to start a ride in Guri City. I wanted to check a bike path I'd seen from the bus a few times. From Guri I headed South on a nice peaceful path with no large roads/any traffic nearby! It was all good to start with, but once I reached the Han river and started heading West back along the river to Seoul...the path deteriorated:

and got worse...
and worse...
and worse.

Seoul promises big things for bikers. This was not promising. FYI it was about a 2KM stretch to the East of Gwangjin Bridge. It sucked.

Earlier though I stopped for a rest when I found these fine bicycle racks. Best I've seen in Korea as the bike is stable and allows access to the rear bags comfortably. This was somewhere after the Guri cyclepath joined the Han

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