Shopping by bike: the Jungnangchon cycle path

So I went shopping and it turned out they had cereal. Cereal is a little hard to come by in Seoul. Luckily I had enough gear to sort out a rig of my own for this little haul: 4x 750gm of Sultana Bran, 3x 500gm of Biker's delight and 3 beers for the road. It was such a nice night I went for a slow ride along the Jungnangchon cycle path on my way home. I snapped a coupla picks along the way:

In terms of putting stuff on the back of the bike: the other day our department gave us a harvest festival(Chusok)present. I managed to strap it on the back of the bike too. Big box of grapes that.
One thing I noticed as I almost reached the point I leave the cycle path is that this bridge (a major West- East artery across the Jungnang River) needs better access to the cycle path. No fun to be had carrying that bike. There is access further along the river but it doesn't link well to the main road.

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